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Our Music / Instruments Store & Services
Digital and Acoustic Piano in major brands, especially the best and the finest from YAMAHA, KAWAI, etc.
We collects and sells various music books and scores from worldwide publishers, such as G. Shirmer, Alfred, etc. For piano learning, we have most famous complete series method from John Thompson, Bastien, Piano Adventures, Alfred's Basic Piano Library, Suzuki, etc.
We provide discount for the local Music teachers and Educators. Please contact us for your specify need.

We're proud to be the local YAMAHA dealer carrying high quality brand named products from YAMAHA. We also carry most of the student instruments from Hamanicas, Recorders, Flutes, Clarints, Trumpets, Saxophones, Practice Drum Pads, Student Violins, Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitars, to Digital and Acoustic Pianos from various brands.
We're now buy back your used-instruments, such as Guitar and Violin; So you're welcome to bring in your instruments to us for evaluation.

Brooklyn Music House provides professional technician to maintain and fix your instruments. We carry various accessories at our store, such as Metronomes, Music stands, Guitar case, Woodwind reeds, Strings, Violin shoulder Rest and much more .. Our knowledgeable personel on site provide you the help in finding your need.

Piano Tuning

For maintaining your piano in the international standard tuning system of A=440, we strongly recommend tuning your piano every six months. Brooklyn Music House provides our experienced professional piano technician to tune, maintain, and fix your piano, and also provide you with the information on how to correctly take care of your piano.
Please schedule for the next Piano Tuning in advance.

Piano and Practice Room Rentals
Daily Practice is very important for students, especially for the beginner, so we provide ractice room FREE for the new sign-up students. Thereafter, our piano and practice room rentals are available to accommodate your need for the daily practice.

Instruments Rentals
From Violin, Guitar, to Flute and Clarint, we provide Instrument Rentals for all Students.
Please contact us for the availability of the instruments and size for your need.

Instrument Reparing and Maintenance
We provides professional technicians to maintain and fix your instruments at our locations.

Inquiry Service
All kind of questions that you may have about music learning and education for your child/children, we can answer you!

Frequent Asked Questions like:
When should I let my child start learning music?
What is the instrument I should first introduct to my child?
What should I do if I don't have an instrument of my own yet?
How often and how long should my child practice the instrument?
When should I let my child start taking the Music Grade Exams?
What should I do when my piano or instruments are not in tune or have a problem?

PLEASE visit one of our School locations, we can beter assist you for your need.